See ALL of LG's brighter OLED and QNED TVs (CES 2021)

Awesome Tips See ALL of LG's brighter OLED and QNED TVs (CES 2021)

OLED TVs were already excellent, but a little extra light can’t hurt.

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All the best devices we saw at CES 2021


  1. Looks like all the other TVs I’m fine with my regular 4k

  2. Did any of the ces 2021 TVs look like they’d beat the current ranking on RTINGS for best gaming tv?

  3. It appears that the geniuses in product development over at LG's cell phone division have been transferred over to the television department. And have brought their boneheaded decision making skills with them. From the videos I've seen thus far, LG has made the inexplicable decision to use leg stands at the outer edges of the set. This will eliminate it from purchase consideration by many, including me, who must have a center stand to be able to use it on their Home Theater entertainment console. Way to go LG!

  4. I’m in the market for a new tv now, kind of annoying that I have to wait until “sometime later this year” to get full details on the newer models and repricing of what would be the older models. 😟

  5. LG just got rejected from filing QNED as a trademark. 😂😂😂

    Serves them right!

    NOBODY should be allowed to use the QNED name until ACTUAL TRUE QNED technology arrives in TVs.

  6. They should release a 120" OLED in $30k this year so I can buy it at a reasonable price in five years.

  7. Did they fix the gamma problem with 120fps and VRR?

  8. So basically wait until next year when the C series will get Evo as well – gotcha.

  9. I heard they're coming out with 42 inch OLED

  10. They promise to narrow the gap in brightness but no facts to back it's claims?

  11. Oled evo c1 is Is it better? if not b1 is better?

  12. I just got a CX about a week ago, still have a chance to return it before Friday. Is it worth doing so or will I have to pay more and wait longer for this. Also open to alternatives saw TCL came out with new news as well. The most important feature to me is MINIMAL response time/input lag comparable to PC monitors.

  13. My ownly let worry us with the new phosphorus , screen burn in will be a bigger issue for gamers

  14. when does pricing usually release?

  15. So no more B Line of OLED's? Or did they just rename it to the A1 line

    • RON B
    • December 23, 2022

    Very disappointed the brighter screen and possible better color isn't going in the bigger 83 inch tv . So, I'll be leaving LG and going back to Sony and their new brighter screens and already better motion handling and colors which is available on their 83 inch screen since I want to go bigger then my lg c9 77. Also, Sony Android is finally looking decent.

    • R6ex
    • December 23, 2022

    Hope LG sells their A1 in Singapore.

    • R6ex
    • December 23, 2022

    Hope QNED uses VA panels.

    • Lloyd
    • December 23, 2022

    42" oled?

  16. Everybody: “So how bright is your new OLED?“
    LG: “Don’t worry about it.“


  18. "lG oLeDs aRe ThE bEst OleDs yOu cAn bUy" is that why they got destroyed 2 years in a row by Sony Master Series OLED at the NY TV Shootout?🤦‍♂️

  19. I hope the G1 comes with a stand this year

  20. When will QNED tvs release?

  21. This will persuade loads of people to go OLED. Great job LG!

  22. No point in getting OLED displays. The lower light output and screen burn in issues are the main things I dislike about OLED.
    It’s better to go with Mini LED if you’re going to get new TVs.

  23. I still love my C6

  24. You probably shouldn't show that backlighting image when talking about mini led. Those images are of traditional led backlighting but mini leds are smaller and more compact together. It just gives a false representation to people who are not in the know.

  25. So C1 is the same as CX? Meh

    • Mac22
    • December 23, 2022

    This guy's tv reviews are like a Unicorn often talked about but rarely seen. Cnet tv reviews are horrible.

  26. I don’t understand the obsession with brightness! Really dont, my HDR looks insane 🧠

    My CX OLED is fine for my eyes.. 👀

    • Alex
    • December 23, 2022

    I need a QNED tv! I’ll call it Ned 😃



  29. is it just me or is the screen "moving" at 1:42??

  30. Brightness… Burness.

  31. 4th

  32. I wish i could buy it..❤️

  33. Oh they’ve improved the brightness. Groundbreaking

  34. I want hologram TVs it is 2021!

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