Amazing Products Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 2

Awesome Tips Quick and Simple Life Hacks – Part 2

More Awesome & Easy tips and tricks you may have never thought of. In this video we cover the following topics:
1. Using Alternate Batteries
2. Combat Stinky Shoes
3. Find out how much propane you have
4. Cut through plastic packages quick!
5. Pack like a Pro
6. Youtube Multi-task
7. DIY Air Freshener
8. Revive a pen
9. Open a Jar
10. Fill a bucket, easily
Post your own in the comments!

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  1. RIP Dylan you will be missed 😔

  2. For an easy trick on how to be happy for the rest of your life, don’t get married

  3. 0:59 Talk about a blast from the past

  4. Or just fill the bucket with the sprayer that's already on the sink lmao. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  5. "2 girls 1 jar" god, no

  6. Protip: foil+batteries=fire. We used foil and batteries to light cigs in jail.

  7. A jar can be opened with a spoon

    • bdog
    • December 23, 2022

    if you don't have a portable charger you can use car battery's​ and stuff

  8. You don't have to stab the jar lid to open it.Just take a butter knife,place it between the lid and the glass screw of the jar,tilt the knife and voila.

  9. Video comment very fast

  10. if you put honey on a pimple and put a band aid on it and sleep with it on it should be gone

  11. B)

  12. How to do chores

  13. i miss the pop out feature.

  14. HouseHoldHacker you play Neopets too?

  15. for the one with the jar a better way to open it is to hit the edge of the cap with the back of a spoon and it will be dented but not punctured

  16. I'm g

  17. open your computer enter google write how to do hack there you go

  18. o

  19. The no stink shoes hack froze my shoes

  20. If you ever have a headache but no medicine, just cut open a lime and rub the lime and rub it in your forehead for a few minutes. You should feel better after this

  21. Take a straw and take a strawberry put the straw in the strawberry and push that green steam out of here.

  22. I don't get video #5

  23. cool life hack tricks

  24. To open a jar, just get a damp cloth, put it over the lid and twist as usual. The wet cloth makes for an excellent grip.

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