Amazing Products TV My $10,000 Random Tech Unboxing Haul 🤑

Awesome Tips My $10,000 Random Tech Unboxing Haul 🤑

Got a big ole unboxing haul today with one of the nerdiest videos I’ve made 🤓
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My Setup Gear!
My Camera Gear:
• BlackMagic URSA Mini Pro Camera:
• BMPCC 6k Camera:
• Sigma 18-35 Lens:
• Sigma 50mm:
• Manfrotto Tripod & Head:
• Sennheiser MKH416 Mic:

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  2. Maybe a carrying case for the camera AND the Pokémon badges 😂

  3. The Pokémon card collection is an awesome find! I got back into collecting them again and wow those binders are filled!

  4. I know this isn't what he does on this channel, and I totally understand that, but one of my friends into this dude showed me this to get me going as a Pokémon fan and I feel absolutely cucked beyond all belief. He seems cool though

  5. 10-14

  6. Dude we need to order more ouid, guess I don't need these Charizard cards anymore.

  7. This bag held something else 😂😂

  8. Thumbnail is a straight rip off of uravgconsumer

  9. Are they the legit pokemon cards or the many hard to tell fake cards

  10. I need a FrankP Pokémon card collection video for sureeeeee

  11. That man really did go and buy a protective case for his Pokémon cards. I respect it.

  12. UrAvgConsumer you look different

  13. there are a lot of keyboards in the back ground lol

  14. Get yourself your very own shipping container for your backyard. Get a big enough one and you can half and half it. Modify half for a nice covered sitting area (or even a guest bedroom) for you and your family and the other half a nice strong lockable container for all the Pokémon gear you want to keep that the misses will eventually tell you to "get it out of the house" 😀

  15. Hey! Pokéfan here….

    I have a big binder of Pokemon cards with base set, jungle set, rocket set, base 2, fossil, Japanese, misprints, edited art cards, etc. I even have new ones and there's a Charizard in there somewhere. How can I send you images of what I have? I'm seriously trying to sell these and haven't come across a person quite at the nerd level of Pokémon that I am…. Until today lol.

    Please please contact me.

    I also have promo cards and BK promo cards etc

  16. 2:06 "Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr it also" 😁

  17. @randomfrankp Amazon Prime Day is July 11 and 12! Will you be doing a livestream or a special videoe?

  18. EPIC Frank!!!

  19. Still shooting 1080… I love hearing this.

  20. I was wondering why you kept going back to that golden bag 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  21. Nerd out my man. I love when you guys have genuine interests that may not align with what your channel is about. You’re allowed to have you own interests too, Frank!

  22. I never comment on anything, but I came here to say I would love to see more Pokémon content. Yeah it’s nerdy, but we are all nerds here (and a lot of us collect Pokémon cards too!).

  23. Capitalism… There are kids dying of famine in Yemen and the dude drops 3.5k on a piece of paper. I can understand tech, I can understand even a custom keyboard…. But FFS, 3500 for a piece of cardboard? I hope collapse will come soon

  24. I’m so sorry but are the white light bars off center?

  25. WOW lots of tech

  26. I would not mine if this channel becomes a pokemon channel lol

  27. I love the pelican case. It isn't tech but it is still sick.

  28. What is the Facebook group? @randomfrankp

  29. Pokémon loving gang

  30. Can you make a video about pokemon cards, why is it interesting, an d why must you collect this cards and what is it worht. And do you have a safe so when there is a fire it survives. I hope of coarse not.

  31. Enjoying the content mate 👍

  32. Great vid do more pokemon stuff

  33. very cool like your video😁

  34. pretty camera

  35. RandomFrankB-Roll Love your vids even if I'm not into cards.

  36. Loved this!

  37. Just seeing those packs brings back the craziest nostalgic feeling its indescribable. Very few things in life bring that level of nostalgia. Damn we used to chase those packs (including whole boxes) for a very long time. Its crazy i dont have a single card anymore considering the size of chasing/collecting/playing/hustling I used to do as a kid

  38. I don't understand the pokemon thing, but whatever makes you happy.

  39. Frank looking real tall this video!🤔

  40. lovely video my guy

  41. We will see the difference in hair. In my experience it's the easiest way to tell the difference between native 4k and 1080p upscaled

  42. What you know about NASA? You in the H Mr. P??

  43. Dude no you did'nt because -nerdism is'nt bad – me to 🙂

  44. 7:16 OH GOOODD NOOO P¨LEASEEE! NOO !!!!NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! this is getting dumbber AND DUMBBERRR!"!!!! WHHYY brooo I will keep watching because i miss this shit but, cmn men.. da fuck is that xD

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