Amazing Products Mason Jar Blender Hack!

Awesome Tips Mason Jar Blender Hack!

No need to get the entire blender messy, swap out the parts and you have your own personal smoothie maker. All you need is a mason jar!

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  1. Oh my god!!! I love vintage blenders and own a 60s Vitamix 3600 and a 50s osterizer chrome honeycomb and the vitamix was my favorite due to brute strength and I love the stainless steel pitcher but I think about learning this hack and finding how easy it is to take apart the osterizer …and how few seals it has (making it very low maintenance) I think the osterizer is now my favorite.

    • P Wu
    • December 23, 2022

    There is no hack on a blender that is designed to work with mason jar.

  2. But can the Mason jar handle the torque? Won't it shatter? I find this dangerous. I know ladies been doing it send the 80s but omg

  3. This is such a bad idea

  4. Osterizer

  5. What brand of blender is that, you didn’t mention it

  6. What model of osterizer is this?

  7. looking for wide mouth

  8. I managed to blend the rubber gasket into my smoothie.🤦‍♀️
    Maybe remove the gasket first.
    It didn't explode though, like some of the comments.

  9. This is intentional and anyone screaming about "safety" is a shill for bullet and friends.

    • Rin L
    • December 23, 2022

    What blender?

  10. Gonna need a list of makes and models. I've purchased 2 different ones in the last couple years. Neither of those fit the mason jar. Small or wide mouth.

  11. This doesn't work for my blender sadly

  12. Who is mason

  13. anyone have a link to something to place over the entire blender and jar, just in case. like a bread box, ? anyone have cheap ideas?

  14. This didn't work for my blender

  15. Just tried it with my mason jar. It was very hard to unscrew the bottom after twas done. I am pretty sure it has to deal with the pressure during the process of blending. If you really want to try this hack, put a sock or towel on your jar just in case it will explode.

  16. Awesome, I have this blender.

  17. cool

  18. I found a Mason Jar blender for $5 on clearance never opened

  19. I have that blender

  20. I was on Colleen's channel and the he tilte is playing with fire and glass 3 years ago

  21. But what if you have ninja blender

  22. … I think I love you.

  23. U should do harry potter hacks

  24. Why does it say "gullible" at the bottom of the video's description?

  25. to avoid that mess i just use a drill a metal pipe attached to a drill pit and some razor blades

  26. I love this hack. Thank you for sharing. I am going to have to get a blender and try it.

  27. The Osterizer Blender works with Mason jars. Also, the jars from Marinara sauce, Safeway store brand also have the same size and thread as mason jars. The jar is square which makes for better mixing. Note the original Oster Blender was square shaped [and tapered]. The Safeway jar hold 3 cups. The Safeway jar is a discard, hence free, and you're recycling to boot. Get the plastic mason jar lids pretty cheap.

  28. This is such a SMOOTH life hack!

  29. This video was totally less than a minute long.


  30. Genius…Thank you.

    • Rick
    • December 23, 2022

    I just cut my eye out by mistake trying this because you recommended it.

    Ill see you in court.

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