Amazing Products TV Building a New House: My Smart Home Upgrades!

Awesome Tips Building a New House: My Smart Home Upgrades!

We’re building a smart home! Find out the wiring we selected, like ethernet, extra outlets, lighting, and more. Whether you’re building a new house too or looking to upgrade, this should give you some ideas.

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0:00 Intro
0:31 Smart home upgrades
3:27 Recording the wires
4:01 What I’m adding later
5:09 I’m a disappointment

Packing Up My Smart Home:
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Disclaimer: Smart Home Solver was sent some of the products in this video for previous unbiased reviews. As always, our opinions are 100% our own and not influenced.

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  1. Thanks for following along as we build our new smart home! This next week I’ll be at CES…meaning I’ll be at my apartment watching CES virtually. 🤨 If there’s enough interesting things, I’ll put together a video like the last few years. Keep an eye out!

  2. Where are you centralizing all of your smart wiring like your cat 6 what room do you choose to HUB all of your network cables

    • M D
    • December 23, 2022

    Why americans build paper houses and not bricks houses?

  3. Is something like KNX a thing in the US?

  4. Buddy, I get the wiring, but where do they go to? Which controller/integrator have you used?

  5. Thumbs up and a subscribe – how many ethernet LOL Worst youtuber LMBO!!!!

  6. Man I wish my builder allowed these long term upgrades. I'm surprised at how much they were able to add and even let you customize before drywall.

  7. are canned lighting preferred vs the easier to install ultra thin recess light.

  8. Looks good. Yes, builders charge a lot for each outlet. Had to forgo many in our home when we had it built in order to stay on budget. Fortunately, we went with a single story house as well. Which builder did you go with? Ours is Beazer and other than lots of drywall cracks (especially in the ceiling of larger rooms) it has been an okay experience.

  9. Use proper APs like unifi instead of mesh

    • BA
    • December 23, 2022

    Once you go fiber you never go back 😉

  10. Do you have all these great ideas listed somewhere on the website? Just starting my own new construction and really want it wired for the best future results. Just found this channel and love it!

  11. I still do not understand why Americans build such destructible houses.
    Then complain when it gets blown away by a tornado or hurricane.
    Maybe I am just used to stone foundations and walls and ceilings.
    We don't even have natural disasters that could blow a house away but still we build solid.
    Is it to save costs?
    All I can think about is that this has become a standard.

    The only good thing about these houses is better wifi reception and easier way of adjusting cables in the walls.
    But that's about it.
    If the winters are cold then heating costs are extremely high compared to a concrete house where the heat can't escape.

  12. I'm going from a rental to a house similarly built with the structured network panel and such. Time to research! I look forward to your videos and tips 😊

  13. literally all the tech youtubers comment

  14. If you're getting fiber after a long time, you should upgrade your toilets, too.

    Thank you. I'm here all night!

  15. Hello Reed!

    Can you let me know how the home automatization is impacting the value of the properties?

  16. This channel is a rare example among smart homes. No douchebag. Thank you.

  17. Yo your builder suck he work for you not the other way around. you want wired window shade you get it period. What the fuck is going on. here in Miami you get what ever you want.

  18. I just posted a video on my dad’s smart house here in Chicago. Always getting ideas from you man. Congrats on the house!

  19. Before you take lots of pictures of the framing & wiring, go around with a sharpie and tape measure and write on the studs what the wires are and measurements you can reference later on pictures or video. Especially if you have left unused wires looped in the walls for later. Also use your sharpie to label both ends of the wire itself.
    On another note most builders only nail down the subfloor. Before your finish floors are installed go around and screw down your subfloor to avoid future squeaks.

    • 3knw
    • December 23, 2022

    This is EXACTLY what I’m looking for! My house won’t be finished until June and for the wiring phase I’d love to know what to plan for, ect. Congrats on your new home too!

  20. How much debt do you have

  21. Having experienced building my own home a couple years ago, I can tell you that these decisions around wiring will pay off big time. I'm happy I made the same moves. Kudos to you for thinking about them in advance. I would recommend 1 more thing though. If you can, run an ethernet wire in a conduit all the way out to your mailbox. Then you can install a POE camera that faces your house. Admittedly this is a luxury but there will be blind spots on your soffit cameras and it'll be comforting to have this vantage point.

  22. Building our new house as well, good thing I sticked with cat6 wiring, i was debating because of the upgrade cost.

    • Grogu
    • December 23, 2022

    "those are half seconds she is never going to get back" I know it's a joke but BIG first world flex.

  23. College will be free with the new socialist in office. Go get that TV. (Sorry for the political bomb.

  24. Did you go in and add any of your own stuff or did they make you pay for it?

  25. Question – did you search for a homebuilding contractor who was well versed in smart home design or did you find a builder and then tell them what you wanted? Sorry if this has been asked before. Any suggestions for how to find a builder who could implement a smart home concept into construction based upon your experiences?

  26. Is better to have wired ethernet than wifi from a health standpoint.
    The same for bluetooth vs wired headphones

  27. Why wood?

  28. What smart light switches are you going to be using? I'm also looking into light strips and products that work with smartlife/tuya. I see they integrate with smartthings. New construction home myself, trying to finalize the toys! Also, I really like the eufy products, just wish they had smartthings integration…

  29. I'm actually running a braid of fiber to each room

    • bgymr
    • December 23, 2022

    Congrats man.

    Quick question. I have an electromagnetic door lock that i currently operate by keying in a six digit pass code. I also have FOBs but we hate carrying them. This week I bought a zwave switch at home depot and a used smartthings on ebay. So I'll be putting that together. But that got me looking into things and it would be nice to have a way to automate my electromagentic switch when I would pull into our drive way. What do you think is a good way to do this?


    • T I
    • December 23, 2022

    Excellent work!! Which Carlon Flexible Raceway System conduit did you use… Plenum-Gard, Riser-Gard, etc and what diameter is it in those pics to the central panel and walls?

  30. Oh man! I could have used all of this advice last September when I was making all of my selections for my new home.

  31. Why 6" recessed lighting? I haven't installed a new 6-in recessed light other than to match existing in a few years. Those things are huge For no good reason anymore. I am just about done installing 4" ones. Wafer lights FTW.

  32. Good video reed! Also love the small clips at the end of some videos. I use Phillips hue, Lutron, and smart plugs from iHome, iDevices, TP-link, Prime wire, and others. I also have a iDevices socket, the original Google home, Google home mini, and a nest hub.

  33. What kind of smart items would you recommend for a two level home with a basement and outdoor patio for internet mesh systems that can handle 8-10 devices running on internet including reaching backyard in a 3,931 square feet home.

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