Amazing Products TV This Smart Home leaves me speechless! FULL Tour

Awesome Tips This Smart Home leaves me speechless! FULL Tour

Why BUY it, when you can BUILD it yourself?

You’re going to love this smart home tour I filmed in Texas! Big thanks to David and Amanda for letting Aly and I tour their smart home, and feeding us the best Texas brisket.

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High Tech Pet doggie door:
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0:00 Intro
0:17 Smart doggie door
2:19 Smart remote
4:06 Dave’s office
4:44 J-box controller switch
6:46 Amanda’s office
7:22 AV rack + emergencies
9:14 Crazy home theater
11:04 Texas brisket 😍


All of the music throughout is by Nihilore.
Spotify playlist:

Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Big thanks to Dave and Amanda! Want me to tour YOUR smart home next? Click here: https://forms.gle/x2etBG883jwiXeVN7

  2. Everyone needs a neighbor like Dave 👍

  3. I would buy the remote from germany…

  4. The switch is $10 worth of materials, 10 hours of building it, 10 days of debugging it, 10 months of designing it, and $1000 worth of equipment to make it.

    Love to see it though! Such ingenuity and passion ❤️‍🔥

  5. As great as that doggy door is, I wouldn't want to put an unprotected lithium ion cell on my dogs neck… It's not worth the risk if something goes wrong. Poor dog.

  6. Pure genius .

  7. Nothing beats a complete and discrete smart home like that! It looks like a home, and not a hacked-up, overly techy home. The central rack is fantastic, and that remote!!! AMAZING! I used to sell and program custom remotes from URC and it was amazing what I could get it to control and do. Far easier to have one remote to control everything than a smartphone. I wish Dave's remote was available so I could go back to using something similar. The Logitech Harmony did some of the controlling well, but still wasn't as fluid and quick to respond as my URC. Unfortunately, things like Hue and Lutron bridges don't work with the old URC, and some of it doesn’t work very well on the Logitech. Bring back an All-in-one remote that can be customized with current tech and I'll be happy!

  8. Would love to buy that remote depending on the cost…

  9. I have that same dog door, but I didn't add electronics to it. I reverse engineered its cloud MQTT packets and wrote integrations using MQTT. You can also control all of the door functions as well as upload schedule information and switch modes via JSON sent via TCPIP packets. Connecting to a specific IP port on the device also prints status updates whenever the door is activated or a button is pressed. No door modifications necessary. Funny enough I also made some 3D print files for attaching the sensor to my dogs collar but never thought to change the battery style.

  10. Awesome smart home! Love seeing the JTR theater speakers too!

  11. This tour needs to be done in the voice of Robin Leach.

  12. “This is my…baby rack..” 😳🤯

  13. Can you ask Dave who assisted him with the theater build? I'm interested in hiring someone for similar work. Thank you!

  14. Great idea featuring makers/creators for the smart home. Dave seems like an amazing person.

  15. tell me you're an electrical engineer without telling me you're an electrical engineer

  16. Wwwwoooowwww that man is a genious 😍😍😍 i want that remote

  17. Ok, Dave needs PiFire for smoking that brisket. 🙂

  18. That’s awesome 👏

  19. Help Dave build a youtube channel !!!! Tell us how hem made that remote……..🤯🤯🤯

  20. If Dave was to provide the information/plan for how he built the remotes, I would totally buy them. This is too cool!

  21. If I won the lottery, I wouldn't tell anyone. But there would be signs. >.>

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