The DEATH of Cloud Gaming – WAN Show February 5, 2021

Awesome Tips The DEATH of Cloud Gaming – WAN Show February 5, 2021

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Timestamps (Courtesy of MattDog_222)
0:00 Intro with Google Stadia changing
1:49 Luke’s take about Stadia
3:34 Linus’s problem with what Google was doing
4:56 Talking about acquisition opportunities
6:38 Linus: The bigger problem with Stadia
8:24 One of the holy grail’s of gaming: Fully destructible environments
9:50 Linus’s prison escape simulator game idea
11:02 Game called “Teardown” discussion
11:53 The core idea of cloud gaming + Google lacking patience
13:26 Google’s confusing mindset hypothetical example
14:22 Everyone knows games take a long time to develop (except Google)
16:05 GeForce Now has reached 6 Million members
16:48 Luke: Nvidia & Microsoft have good approaches
17:45 Xbox Series X example
18:40 Comparing to Nintendo Wii/Switch controller/accessory costs
19:59 Luke singing the song again + Linus trying to censor it live
20:26 Nvidia requiring companies to be transparent about RTX3000 specifications
21:57 Linus calling one of the writers about RTX3000 spec requirement
23:02 TDP not making much difference, but boost clocks are
25:01 Currently don’t know much about the 80W vs. 150W (price, power usage, performance)
26:40 Luke enjoys Nvidia shooting themselves in the foot
27:44 What Linus thinks Nvidia needs (Intel like naming approach)
28:32 Is Linus still holding GME (Gamestop) stocks? (skip to 42:24)
29:05 Sponsor: Build Redux
30:28 Sponsor: Ridge Wallet
31:13 Sponsor: Honey
31:57 Luke tells us a story from his mom
34:18 Comparing old and current YouTube comments
36:23 Other people responding to comments for you
37:33 (Rumor) Apple VR Headset could cost $3,000
39:22 Linus worried about Apple’s approach + How it might impact VR market
40:27 The Valve Index’s VR problems comparison
42:24 Linus GME (Gamestop) stock update
44:34 (Floatplane chat) GPD video question
44:57 How Yvonne (wife) handled the GME stocks
47:28 Not LTT Store
48:14 LTTStore.com (New scarves)
49:54 Valve fined $4,000,000 on Steam controller
52:10 Linus: Gaming patents shouldn’t last as long
54:18 NZXT Apologizes for safety issue on H1 case
56:30 Superchats
59:46 Linus’s lifetime investments summary
1:02:17 Conclusion
1:02:41 Outro

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  1. About the Patents. Nintendo and Sony have the Best Dpads and Microsoft could also have a good Dpad if they wanted to. But they for whatever reason have never really been concerned with the quality of it. With that said the New ones are better. Just still not great. lol.

  2. Thanks for all the news and info, but I hope you can work on your language.

  3. 37:00 you can actually like their tweet or respond

    if people stop letting a vocal minority dictate what can, or cannot, be said there wouldn't be an issue.. but everyone caves out of fear 🙁

  4. it's kinda sad greedy ass devs are killing cloud gaming (or at least making it much harder). i'd never give up my local rig, but it was still a pretty sweet concept

  5. The nonchalant swan booly sin because witch reilly like upon a gorgeous refund. mysterious, sophisticated cook

  6. the comments are still as hateful. the only difference is CENSORSHIP!

  7. SEGA pronounced SAYGA, not SEG-A, it even says it when a game starts up SAYGAAAAAA

    • Ben I
    • December 23, 2022

    LS: that word doesn't even offend me.

    I can't be the only one who flashed to Eric from South Park "It doesn't hurt anyone, what's the big deal? F***, f***ity, f***, f***, f***!"

  8. The prison thing sounds fun (for a game) make it someone.

  9. Every time I see Luke I get lost in his eyes 💯😍💙

  10. voxel destructable environments…. is a real option nowadays! 🙂

  11. Shadow.tech is still great

  12. Aquisations

  13. Cloud gaming was always going to be about the benjamins and control of the store front.. Once they had the market it would have been a way to price gouge and the consumer knew it!

  14. Sorry bout your crazy mom! Hahahahahha!!!!

  15. Stadia should become Oasis.

  16. Impossible things? I can play Final Fantasy VX at 1440p 90 fps on my phone over WiFi. Only Shadow PC can do that

  17. why the hell the hell they are still waering that terrible hats?? i mean come on guys …we are all looking shitty because of the situation we are in…but this is ridiculous. To wear a head set on top of this shit…ehhhm yeah …no comments to that

    • JS 2K
    • December 23, 2022

    Oh goodness its been over 10 years…. Well, anyway, I never understood the hate even back then.

  18. Yes, simulating being trapped in a prison where the guards are outnumbered 30:1 sounds fun!

  19. I feel like its a antitrust issue. They are already on the Gov radar if they go full force into gaming they risk more legal pressure.

  20. Hey Linus you know when you talked about one of the holy grails of gaming being destruction. You should check out Teardown by Dennis Gustafsson. It's a fully destructable environment with voxels and physics. I honestly think that gets much closer to achieving that holy grail than Minecraft. You can find it on Steam, go have a play 🙂

    • Paul
    • December 23, 2022

    If you want some auto tune on that sing-a-long you can cross feed garage band on a iphone/ipad.

  21. Google Stadia could be a success because nobody can buy graphics cards. I'm going to give it a try.

    • DS4H
    • December 23, 2022

    Good chat. But. Why, for the love of everything that's unholy, would you wear a beanie indoors?.. Such a cringy trend.

  22. Linus: Our audience is a lot nicer
    (Immediately insinuates the worst word ever)

  23. Xbox work with 8bitDo is also proof they care about gamers.

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