I bet your Xbox doesn't look like this! #SHORTS

Awesome Tips I bet your Xbox doesn't look like this! #SHORTS

This is an Xbox Development Kit- the kind game studios are sent BEFORE a console launches so that they can design the next generation of games. And ya, there’s some pretty big differences between this and the Series X that you’re used to. Check out our full video coming soon!



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    • pqtch
    • December 23, 2022

    "both of these are xb-"
    Scrolls due to lack of console interest

  1. Isn’t the Xbox series X just a prototype?

    • the
    • December 23, 2022

    Connect it then. Connect it. Go ahead. Connect to the xbox Live network.

  2. I told you stop buying them games off a wish😂😂😂

  3. Still the same home menu 😴

  4. I was hoping hard 4 games would get their hands on one

  5. Fake and Ghay 🤦‍♀️

  6. that face lmao

    • GTR
    • December 23, 2022

    Thats stupid that ms Block that

  7. From my understanding of dev kits: it only plays dev games. You cannot load retail games proper into the system.

  8. thats just a xbox one on steroids

  9. Look like my old VHS video 🧓😂

  10. ps5 dev kit looks cooler imo

  11. Random console devkit fact: No, they can't be used to play any torrented game you want. The process of certification, LC of the master build – it's not enough. Every package has it's own key. You basically pass this key with the master build to the Sony or Nintendo- they put it on the market but signed. Neither PS or NX devkits will allow you to run non-dev NSP or PKGs.
    Same goes for online. You can play only with other devkits connected to Intranet, that's why for bigger than 1-4 player games to test full server gaming the dev company is usually outsourcing the testing to specialized QA company which have tons of testkits and devkits. How are the MMOs tested then? Publicly. Ever heard of "stress tests"? They are open for all- the retail users I mean – such "stress test" console store entry needs to be processed differently than any other game because it requires you to fill form of request to overcome some rule or strict check before submitting game to store which in this case is submitting non-completed game for short period of time with multiplayer capabilities

  12. Random console devkits fact- they are (at least for PS4 for sure) under such strict NDA that you can't even show or describe how they look. Now you may ask why Naughty Dog tweeted about PS4 Devkit being so loud that they just keep one in a single room in a center of it with doors closed. They posted that on Twitter AFAIR breaking the NDA of course – but that's Sony close friendly developer making Sony exclusives so obviously they can openingly break the NDA. You can't.
    So as NaughtyDog (or was it EpicGames?) already told you all- the PS4 devkits are so fucking loud that many of us just call it jets engine.

  13. Random game porting fact: You can remotely change setting of PS4 devkit into retail mode and restart it. Voila! Now the only way is to get someone PHYSICALLY connect display to devkit, set it manually via controller on-site to developer mode and restart. Gosh, I remember end of the day and we were dropping some builds over the devkit and I just randomly ticked that option- luckily we had one QA still in office 😫

  14. Ours isn’t banned 💥💥

  15. I just want it because it looks so much better.

  16. that xbox series x looks like an xbox 1 x

  17. Xbox x but not a fridge

  18. These always astonish me… You're telling me they made an Xbone X shaped XsX and we ended up with that "Tower Of Power" crap??? Give me that damn XDK Style Xbox Series X Microsoft 😒

  19. why would you need 2 ethernal plugs?

  20. Xdk it's like the Panasonic q

  21. The slim one is a Xbox one X from the Xbox series one

  22. Yeah I don't even have 1

  23. If I didn't have responsibilities I would work for Linus for min wage to tinker in his labs.

  24. In real terms “ his is edited at the Home Screen “

  25. Even with a dev give that amazing they can't manage to make anything good

  26. Fenimine Voice: Those eye's are evil eye's!

  27. Classic Linus

  28. It doesnt, different atoms

    • Xbox
    • December 23, 2022


  29. Need one

  30. Why would it be banned? I am confused.

  31. Have you bought shoes yet

  32. Why not just put out the better console like

  33. you are crazy bro

  34. How do I get one😢

  35. Just got mine yesterday so haa!

  36. Ngl i need me one of these, not for development just cause of the extra ports

  37. yeah my xbox doesnt look like this bc its a series 1 🙂

  38. So it's a VPN

  39. Dont you dare to drop it!

  40. you lucky lucky man

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