Amazing Products Improvised Terracotta Grill. Become a BBQ Champion!

Awesome Tips Improvised Terracotta Grill. Become a BBQ Champion!

Need to do some grilling but there is no grill in sight? No worries! We’ve got the perfect solution for you.
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  1. Grant Thompson sent me here!

  2. Grant Thompson sent me

  3. If you cover your pot you shouldnt have to worry bout it going out on you because youre not supposed to have a flame, just radiant heat from the coals.

  4. the aluminum is not good so close to the fire, vapors or some shit…

  5. Who got here by the King of Random?

  6. Grant Thompson sent me

  7. Grant Thompson sent me

  8. Grant Thomson sent me 🙂

  9. Can this be used as a forge?

  10. a hole at the bottom or on the side should stay there or be placed there to easily vent the the air without having to save room

  11. Grant Thompson sent me

  12. Grant Thompson sent me

  13. If you didnt cover up the hole in the bottom, you'd have an area for ash to drop out and prevent the ash from eventually insulating the heat and preventing your food cooking, and you'd also get more oxygen to the charcoal and get better heat.

  14. What are those things that he is using for "feet" to the little grill?

    • Swift
    • December 23, 2022

    Is this thing hot enough like the regular grill?

  15. the king of random to watch you show

  16. why cover the hole in the bottom? You just gave your fire zero air flow.

  17. I can make burger

  18. You sound like mumbo jumbo

  19. somebody needs to make a video of 100 ways to make a grill. i can think of at least 20

  20. Are you lucky penny shop you sound like him😂😂✔️

  21. love this dude

  22. loceenbit

  23. Grant Thompson sent me hear! Good channel's for the pair of ya!

  24. Anyone know where I can get the screen for a cheap price and what's the screen called

  25. Hehehe terraPOTa grill

  26. Lol

  27. banana banana banana terracotta pie!

  28. (french) ATTENTION! j'allais mettre le feu a la maison en testant ce barbecue dans ma chambre. NE FAITES PAS L’EXPÉRIENCE DANS VOTRE CHAMBRE.

  29. Fuck my internet

  30. I hate when people say tin foil instead of aluminum foil, shouldn't there be maybe a hole in the side for air?

  31. Your putting aluminium toxins in your food. ….

  32. Great Thompson sent me here

  33. Great idea!

  34. majmar 🙂

    • XGT59
    • December 23, 2022

    Looks burnt

  35. Wouldn't want to leave the hole for air flow the coal?

  36. 112 peoples favorite youtubers weren't in the collab

  37. I think this to be such a neat idea and one could really get creative and have a larger one and paint their own designs on their clay pots making them unique:)

  38. sweet! its simple and genius

  39. Charcoal is a bastard fuel I tell ya what. A nice alternative would be a Charking 2000 propane powered grill. Now I can tell you somethin' this boy just ain't right. 

  40. AWESOME!

  41. Wont just taking some random mesh wire give you tetnis? 

  42. Now THIS is cool

  43. How is there any air flow and how to control it.

  44. Sent from the king of random

  45. I love the idea of using ordinary household items in extraordinary ways! Brilliant video!!!

  46. idiot!!!!! fuck you!!!

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