Amazing Products TV MSI Creator Z16 – Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition

Awesome Tips MSI Creator Z16 – Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition

MSI Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition Unboxing and Overview. Sponsored by MSI.
►Creator Z16: I9 touch panel:

►Creator Z16 I7 non-touch panel:

►Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition:
Note: Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition display supports MiniLED (16” 16: 10 , QHD+, MiniLED)

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  1. Game 👍

  2. If only this had a 3070, 3070ti or a 3080 it would be perfect for that qhd 165hz in gaming

  3. can i connect the airpods or other wireless headphones?

    • GHM
    • December 23, 2022

    Does the screen use PWM?

  4. Good afternoon, they have sent me an email from MSI to collaborate with them, was that how they contacted you? Can you give me some more information? Thank you very much and sorry for the inconvenience

  5. Which is better?
    MSI Creator limited
    Dell XPS 17
    Asus ZenBook Duo 15

    Final question. Are there blooming in this laptop mini led?

    • Shoop
    • December 23, 2022

    I wish it was a little bit thicker and would pack a 3070

  6. hi, Please do complete in depth review of "Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition" .No one in you tube done this so far.By the way please let me know "Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition" come with PCI gen 4 Nvme? Also kindly let me know read write speed of the Nvme SSD come with this "Creator Z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara Limited Edition"?

  7. Interesting

  8. The Limited Edition is finally in stock at MSI's US online store and just ordered one!

  9. Is this good for virtualization?

    • bash
    • December 23, 2022

    You look so cool, very good review which contains all kinda new information which can't be found on the specification list.

  10. Why did msi pull the keyboard back so far! I would have been all over these models! Ugh! Maybe next-generation

  11. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. a very strange collaboration. why Hiroshi ?

  13. When is the release date for z16 Hiroshi Fujiwara?

  14. shoooot with Hiroshi Fujiwara??????????? god damn msi knows it

  15. iwatch series 7 review please??

  16. Searching for this kind of lap

  17. niceeeeeeee 💖💖👌👍👌👍👍🔥

  18. Saf, you're awesome!!! as a sneaker lover, this laptop is something I'm looking for, gimme one pleazzzzzz!!!

  19. Not easy to get your hands on…..

  20. Supersaf is the iPhone 13 video coming soon

  21. ❤️

  22. Sickest Limited Edition laptop on earth…

  23. as an owner of the z16 i wouldn't recommend this laptop because of the 3060 card. it's very overpriced for what you get.

  24. sir when are u going to review Moto edge 20

    • mush
    • December 23, 2022

    Beautiful laptop, packed with technology and created with love 🙂

  25. This laptop is honestly so good. I was impressed by it!

    • oo
    • December 23, 2022


  26. Sick 🔥 🔥 🔥

  27. reviw hp zbook

  28. Those are awesome looking LE laptops! I love touch panels/screens like the one on my upgraded & much faster HP Chromebook.

  29. I liked the video and laptop

  30. 5:21
    I guess it's not perfect. So close though.

  31. This laptop cost 2400$ in US and guess what it can't beat my 2000$ pc with ryzen 7 and rtx 3060 😂, Dont overspend please

  32. Why tech chap? We would love to see you gaming, safwan!

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