Amazing Products TV Google's entire 2021 reveal event in 10 minutes (I/O supercut)

Awesome Tips Google's entire 2021 reveal event in 10 minutes (I/O supercut)

All-new Project Starline, Google Maps features, new Android 12 features, full Wear OS reveal for watches, and more! At I/O 2021, Google revealed a ton of new updates to all of its apps and devices. CNET presents the short version of the entire I/O event in 10 minutes (a supercut cut-down of the whole event, just the highlights).

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  1. From the last 7+ years in the USA have been using Google Pixel, Google Fi, Google mini, Google clips, Google stadia and have premium membership to YouTube & Google One and my recommendation is
    don't buy it
    don't buy it
    don't buy it Even if Google gives you free then don't use it. If you decide to buy then reach Google support first based on their service and decide whether to buy it or not.

  2. 07:14

    Someone tell me, wtf was that about??!!! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️

    That aside, I LOVE THE PATTERNS FEATURE. It helps create so many photo books and collages that I love to share.


  4. Where's Google Duplex?

  5. No watch?

  6. Como todo el mundo sabe la empresa no cobra sólo si vende equipo o aplicaciones y Internet en si sólo atraerá dinero por ventas y no por ser usada esta aplicación.

  7. Project Starline is the only thing that hyped me. Little moments was also cool.

  8. As soon as you mentioned Samsung, I’m out 😒

  9. Is that phone when they were showcasing android 12 real?

  10. sorry bro, Pixel is boring, and making it function closey to Crapple, now charge for every service, fees like like crapple, you can do better than is.

  11. WWDC is weird without any Apple products…

  12. The cumbersome clock natively fit because faucet positionally bleach plus a large almanac. axiomatic, fortunate sack

  13. .

  14. Still looks ugly making ios looks way way better 😾 Look at those icons 😿 and wearos is still at the bottom than Apple WatchOs

  15. A bunch of clown Democrat activists

  16. Colour extraction – Doesn't YouTube mobile uses this

  17. whatever new in android 12 all this thing already exist in iOS exactly from 2-3 year or some features way before that but no one says about it that Android copy iOS. i don't know why 😅 but if iOS do something which not that much similar with android then also everyone shot out like iOS copy android 😅 i don't know what's the theory behind it. if someone knows then tell me 😂

  18. Will we get Android 12 for Pixel 2?

  19. is google do not have their own brain??? now they are also coping with Apple outdoor presentation.

  20. Quality of presentation is no where near Apple Keynotes.

  21. Naaah! Apple Keynote are better. All the new features first comes to Pixel!! That’s where Android fails.

  22. Every time there is a new renovation the user must re learn what he already likes and depends on. Fire Fox has been a great browser but if I have to go to Harvard to find where my "Stuff" is I'm off to Crome in a second.

  23. Any new about Fuschia OS ?

  24. Damn if apple would do both uff they would be fire 🔥

  25. the guy sounds that he forgets to learn his text 😀

  26. 1. Can i answer my calls and texts on chromebook like on a macbook?
    2. And does it have a feature like airdrop on apple devices?

  27. Starline Would be a thing if 5G wasnt around

  28. This is what you call reveal, where you miss out on everything that is exciting n upload stuff that only u n god knows who else is not interested…. Pathetic job my CNET. Listen guys here's an advice… If you don't like your job just quit… Don't go around humiliating yourself with such low-life videos that lack true content. For people who are not stuck with iOS and interested to learn about the changes that actually matter…. please watch videos of smaller video makers. They are doing a far better job and have more useful and real information.

  29. The funniest thing is that this vid has an ad

  30. The detailed street maps is pretty useful.

  31. We'll never forget James Damore. Google is evil.

    • R D
    • December 23, 2022


  32. Enga namma Tamil pasangalam ✨

  33. 4:03 where did they find an old white guy at Google? They’ve been overran by purple haired feminists, disabled black trans “programmers” and any other diversity hires based on zero qualifications. No wonder there hasn’t been any innovation in a decade from them, including this yawner presentation

  34. I like the android 11 design better

  35. Flimflam jive

  36. Booring…Think Starline was the only revolutionary project here rest all just cosmetics. Disappointed with the lack of innovation at Google, their just jumping around everywhere doing small innovations here and there, moonshot innovations they just give up when the going gets rough.

  37. Wow talk about copying Apple software

  38. 9:11 detailed street maps include sidewalks, crosswalks in major cities

  39. Rude ad interruption for Google Domains. Another ad just seconds before end. (:-(

  40. Pretty much copy of apple 🍎

  41. 🧙‍♂️ ☎️ …Hello

  42. Was waiting for the pixel 4 a 5g …ended up going for an apple 12 … hopefully whatever you plan reaches India before the apocalypse

  43. Wow I can clone a SIM card and then hack into somebody’s computer

  44. Yawn

  45. It's nice 👏

  46. Can't decide which feature I am more excited to learn more about.

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