Amazing Products TV Smart ceiling light with a crazy feature🔥

Awesome Tips Smart ceiling light with a crazy feature🔥

Aqara T1M light:

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  1. How would you automate this?

  2. Anyone looking at Bitcoin??

  3. Should i get apple homekit

  4. RIP physical control from the wall

  5. Govee has one also

  6. Use it for WFH do not disturb and washing machine done notification

  7. Aqara is chinese. Xaomi. Don't put it in your house.

  8. Homeassistant has a new Logo😅

  9. i would link it up with m doorbell bc my noice cancelling is toooo good. I always have to put my headphones on transparancy and then i hear my pc too loud. lol

  10. Its just like using IKEA RGB bulbs in ceiling fans, but WAY more expensive…

  11. I have Yeelight Arwen which has pretty much the same functionality. RGB ambient light which I use to notify my family when I'm in a meeting or I have a call on my phone. Works perfectly!

  12. Hey Reed, can you recommend some affordable zigbee bulbs?

  13. $150 each????!!!!! Hell no. I will just get Govee Smart Recessed Lighting which has a 4 pack on sale for $80 right now, so $20 each! I am sure Home Assistant can change the colors for alerts on that.

  14. I would have it simulate sunrise and sunset so I knew when to wake up and go to sleep. Also during the day I would have it flash different colors for notifications from different apps.

  15. This is the dumbest consumer crap

  16. I love the Aqara stuff I have, this looks nice to replace all the boob lights in my house 🤔

  17. When will it be available to the general public? I don’t see it on their website.

  18. Not gonna lie: i would use it if someones in the bathroom. 😅

  19. You are the best YouTuber also i’ve been subscribed for around a year❤

  20. At night have it slowly dim and turn back on if the kids door sensor has been open in the past 15-30 mins that would be a good way to track if they are up, another one is adding to motion sensor it could be a timer almost it could get
    Dimmer the less time you have making it more interesting for the ninja game!

  21. Thanks Reed.

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