Amazing Products TV My Futuristic SMART Garage: Fully Automated!

Awesome Tips My Futuristic SMART Garage: Fully Automated!

This is my smart garage tour! I’ll show you the tech and home automations I use in my garage man cave.

Meross smart garage opener:
Parking laser:
Kasa smart power strip:
Snake grabber:
Ceiling lights:
Motion sensor:
Ring contact sensors:
HomeSeer HSM200:
Aqara ceiling light T1M:
Aqara light discount US – USCLLSHS (10% off) UK – UKCLT1MSHS (10% off)
Tapo C120:
Lectric XP 3.0:
Phone holder for bike:
Varla Eagle One 2.0:
Outdoor camera (Unifi G4 Pro):
Workbench light:
Energy monitoring smart outlet:
Apple TV:
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My shirts:
My smart home favorites:

Scooter video (Varla Eagle One 2.0):
Video on RATGDO and Meross garage controller:

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0:00 Intro
0:20 Garage doors
2:12 Parking laser
3:44 Tesla automations
5:22 Smart home shirts
5:57 E-bike and scooters
7:19 Grabbers
8:25 Smart lighting
9:20 Sensors I use
10:00 Aqara ceiling light
11:16 Security cameras
12:18 Work bench
12:58 Man cave mode
13:52 Works EVERY time


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All of the music throughout is by Nihilore.
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Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Here are the shirts: https://smarthomesolver.big3creative.com/
    And everything else is linked in the description. Let me know if you have any questions about my smart garage!

  2. Grabber isn't automated

  3. Do the t shirts ship to the uk?

  4. Very nice ! Can you make a video to show how smart home work without wifi, and how to set up it to work well without ?

  5. Small tip for the bike phone mount. You could stick an NFC tag to it and setup an automation that opens that dashboard when the tag is read by your phone. Then you don‘t need to always have the shortcut on your lockscreen.

  6. Nice!

  7. can you please explain how you do automations with the smart tv i really want to do it on my tv thanks btw

  8. Reed I have some similar set ups in my garage. I have plenty of other man cave space living in a 5000 sq ft house but I use the garage for electronics projects and car work. I live in North Dakota so my automations include HEAT in the winter. I have a sonos connect amp tied to an old Bose Acoustomass audio system. Mine is mostly Alexa controlled no automations tied to presence – but I do have presence sensors out there for lights etc. I too have 3 MyQ GDOs but my hubitat integration for some reason is STILL working (shhhh).

  9. As always, love the channel. I must say that living in AZ for about nine years (lived in the desert in California before that), I've yet to see any rattlers here. I have an automation also that if motion is detected in my mud room before the door to the garage opens, the light turns on in the garage (if it's between a certain time or if my lux sensor on my Ambient says that it is below a certain value). If it detects no motion in the mud room when the door from the garage opens (I'm entering the home), it turns on the light to the mudroom. And, of course, you just have to add timers to the whole thing and timer restarts if it detects additional transit to/from the garage.

  10. With the laser automation you should make it so that if you also ignore vacation on your phone if you're cleaning the garage or something make sure it turns off when you do that

  11. Sorry Reed, gotta deduct 10 style points for all the zip tied, non hidden wires and random bits just hanging off the GDO armature. Hiding cables and wires for a lean install is part of the process. Climb up in that attic space over your garage ( in winter of course) and run the wires into aj junction box.

  12. Good stuff Reed, thanks.

  13. Hello, are you able to share with us the automation used to turn on the shop lights?

  14. If you go into hoodies, look into MADE blanks or ITC heavyweight hoodies. Great quality and somewhat affordable

  15. OMG… My Father, God rest his sole… The tennis ball!!! I think he started doing this 20yrs ago… Good stuff. Love your channel.

  16. My dad achieved the same thing as the last by hanging a towel on the wall. If he can see the towel he is in the right place. 😂

  17. Wow! Nice garage automations! You think of everything!

  18. Ive been hesitant on buying the tapo c120 for a little, and was wondering if you have been able to get it to work locally with home assistant… have you gotten it to work with rtsp?

  19. My neighbor got hacked in December (merry Xmas). They HAD a smart WiFi garage door opener and lock on their front door. Not sure if they entered through the garage or front door…but they got robbed nonetheless. For those who say it will not happen because thieves are not that sophisticated…think again. The cops questioned anyone with a security camera nearby and said police agencies are beginning to see a rise in smart home tech facilitated break-ins. Thinking that all thieves are idiots is a mistake. I am not so lazy I can't push a button on my garage door key fob or throw a key in my door lock. I also use a rolling tumbler type door lock to ward against the stupid thieves picking it.

    Smart home equipment manufacturers are not concerned with your well being. Not sure why anyone would trust them to operate portions of their house that serve as a security barrier between them and the outside world.

  20. How do you show the timer on the entity that's got a countdown timer?

  21. If an EMP hits your house, the only useful thing you will have is the "Snake Grabber"

  22. When my kids were smaller we went with a van. Had every bell and whistle, 3 tvs, heated seats and steering wheel (not for Arizona lol). Anyway I would pull up to the school, pop the door and yell go go go and they would pretend they were seals jumping out of a chopper.

    Great video, I have a ratgdo that I need to install.

  23. Wow you lost me at the grabber

  24. How did you integrate Aqara celing light with Ring System?

  25. So glad the shirts are ready, I finished placing my order before I could even get to the end of the video. It's always great to have ways to support amazing channels like yours!

  26. For garage opener, I recommend Tailwind. Easy to install and you can get the vehicle sensor which works almost 100% of the time (wife-approved).

  27. Any chance of shipping the t-shirts to the UK? Love the design!

  28. How do you have the lights on for 10 minutes with every motion, i thoughts it was with a delay, but then I saw the timer on the entity and that confused me a lot

  29. Question: What buttons do i use for a smart home? I'm thinking right now I want matter/thread switches so I can directly use home assistant to link them to output devices without a system in between. But I also want those switches to be wired, I also want them to be compatible with future switches. I don't want to replace wires if there will be a better switch out there or they break down and they don't exist anymore. I also want like half of my switches to have 4 buttons (or more). I want a few to have a dimming option. I also don't want them to use wifi so I dont overload my router. Where the hell do I start. What do you recommend?

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