Amazing Products TV THIS is the Future. Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

Awesome Tips THIS is the Future. Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra

This is your first look at the Roborock S8 MaxV Ultra! It’s seriously futuristic and I’m impressed.

There’s a crazy open sale for this vacuum! See it here:

From April 22-28, you get a FREE Flexi Lite vacuum, five-year warranty, and an accessory package, PLUS you can trade-in some Roborock models. Click the link above for details.

Thanks to Roborock for sponsoring this video.

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0:00 Intro
0:51 Vacuuming
3:47 Mopping
5:45 Dock
8:35 Obstacle avoidance
10:49 More features
13:31 Bonus feature


Digifunk by DivKid

Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. This will be available April 22! Details on the open sale here: https://bit.ly/Smart-home-solver

    P.S. I'm editing a smart home tour I filmed a few months ago in Seattle. Excited for you to see it soon!

  2. Dysons new one is way better this a sponsored ad?

  3. Agh it's so close to what I want but the bag is a nope from me, why can't they make it a removable and reusable bin instead? 😭

  4. 5:00 Do you know what 20cm are?? 😫

  5. I bought the S7 Max V Ultra because the integrated mopping feature sounded good. Unfortunately, the mop pad wouldn't stay attached and folded over on itself. It didn't raise up enough to clear the rug, either. The S8 sounds like it has great features, but I'm still suspicious of that mop pad. The S7 cost about $1500, so I'm not eager to take a chance again.

  6. The trade in option is excellent! I’m definitely upgrading from my S7 MaxV Ultra. $800 is close to what I’d get on eBay selling it but without the risk

  7. Roborock just never stops to surprise….. with the price!!! Thats really getting out of hands there!!

  8. Let's see how it does with animal hair. The stuff in the video is easy.

  9. Do you know if the cheaper version "S8 Max Ultra" has the camera?

  10. Dude, longtime viewer. Keep the beard. You look great.

  11. Would be interesting to see “tell roborock to bring me coffee” etc lol

  12. Even if you don’t get sponsored, it will sell for itself. Insane especially with matter support

  13. Most people (the average consumer) will be shocked at the high pricetag and say NO. But us tech nerds understand the advancments in robotics and AI…..they are a bunch of peasants lol

  14. Will it avoid dog poop and pee?

  15. Pretty nice but roborock’s customer service is terrible. They completely blocked me after having issues.

  16. With Voice commands, can you interchange between vacuuming and mopping modes? 😁

  17. Trade in option + black Friday deal = great deal

  18. Nice beard Reed!

  19. At this point the important thing I care about is, CAN this work completely offline ?

    And does it have any hidden subscription model ?

    If it cannot work Offline or Needs subscription for any features, then I AM OUT.

    Cannot allow a literal CAMERA roaming in my house if that is connected to the Internet.

    and Cannot allow another subscription based service either.

    I have personally started my Home Server and made sure everything works offline including Cameras (only goes online when requested for remote access)

    I also liked 8 Sleep Pod, but cause of the ridiculous subscription I didn't get it.

  20. Wowzers, can you drop the price at the beginning of the video? $1800 💸💸💸

  21. I love that this is a million times more useful than the Amazon Astro robot.

  22. How can I purchase this from the UK?

  23. nice pay ads

  24. Geeeez!! That price! I think I'll skip "the future" for now.

  25. Wow! Through the power or sponsorship this cleans 100% of dirt. The only thing missing is the power of editing since several shots clearly show dirt that was missed.
    Dude, just watch your video.

  26. Thanks so much for this fantastic review! I'm impressed, and I'll take advantage of the trade-in and upgrade. I have the Roborock S8 Pro Ultra vacuum, Shark AI Ultra 2-in-1 Robot Self-Empty XL, and the Shark – AI Ultra Robot Vacuum RV2502AE, as much as I love my Shark Robots. The Roborock is miles ahead of them. The Shark in my basement is okay; it still gets stuck occasionally in the areas where my Roborock has no issues. However, the Shock RV2502AE, which is on the main floor, cannot keep up with the hair of our German Shepherd. The Roborock does not have any issues and keeps our floors spotless.

  27. Is this only for hardwoods?

  28. I think it’s time for a match between this one and the ecovacs Deebot X2.

  29. You mean 20mm not cm. Gosh, Americans can't to metrics.

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