Amazing Products TV The BEST Dashboard I’ve EVER Seen! Smart Home Tour

Awesome Tips The BEST Dashboard I’ve EVER Seen! Smart Home Tour

This smart home has an incredible custom dashboard, and I’ve never seen anything like it! You HAVE to see this!

Universe Sandbox:
On Steam:
Chime notification:

Tablets used are the Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 Lite:
(affiliate links)

Most of the dashboard is made with the Custom Button Card addon:

Tablet software:

Home Assistant Integration for the tablets:

For Kiosk Mode:
Dan used the Home Assistant integration Kiosk Mode:

After installing it just add ?kiosk to the end of your dashboard URL, like this: homeassistant.local:8123/lovelace-main/0?kiosk

My smart home favorites:

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Dashboard
1:32 Lights
3:37 Music
5:08 Room presence
6:57 Speaker alerts
7:27 Dashboard alerts
8:28 Custom dashboard
10:35 Fun and cool things!


All of the music throughout is by Nihilore.
Spotify playlist:

Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Thanks to Dan for letting me tour his house! I added some of the links to what Dan is using in the description.
    👉Want me to tour your smart home next? Fill this out: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1YguzPKbs6m8LppW5mEPKzjLkk4-q0lgzqv1CEN5P2lU/edit

  2. Nice. Is the code for those dashboards available to look at?

  3. @dandixonus I'm interested in how you have buttons on your dashboard that when pressed, change a section only of that dashboard. Its amazing, I think all the work you have done on this is excellent, nice one.

  4. Incredible work! To think, I was thrilled to get actionable notifications to work on my garage door… 😂

  5. This is insane @dandixonus!!!! Amazing job! Thanks @SmartHomeSolver for a great video!!!!

  6. Too many battery devices. Too much time changing batteries all year around. But great work on the dashboard

  7. amazing video, how he made the mailbox, so that it works from a distance

  8. thats how you know somene who is a genius, they make comlex thing look really simple. and you feel extremely dumb for for not understanding simple stuff🤣🤣. Thanks Reed for making me look dumb😂

  9. Wow this is beautiful

  10. Really Great Dashboard which integrates with smart home😮. Love these videos you make. Just one question how the power about dashboard tablets being handled.

  11. This place is intense… and I want my house to have all of it!

  12. Is he sharing this, or is this blueprint available for purchase? I'd pay Dan. He did remarkable work.

  13. That’s crazy! Dan should show Amazon how it’s really done! … What I do want to know is if he has almost 100 Hue bulbs, how many total smart home devices does he have and what kind of network does he have to support that? 😳

  14. Dan is living in 2040. Reid, thanks for going out there and showing us this awesome smart home!

  15. The functionnalities included in the dashboard are awesome, but the dashboard itself look very messy

  16. Nice! Thanks Dan/Reed.

  17. My mans is doing too much and I love it. I literally just installed an Amazon Echo Hub half and hour ago (really like it) and I feel very inferior right now.

  18. I wish dan would work for apple on home kit.

  19. Please more videos like these🙌

  20. Don't tell Paul that there is someone with 95 hue lights in his house!

  21. What platform is the hub running

  22. I bet he's single or divorced

  23. Very interesting video tour of Dan’s smart home and dashboard, can you ask Dan if he could make a step by step video guide for beginners, if and when he has time, Thanks

  24. Oh My God is this unbelievable. This is what you think of when imagining home automation.

  25. With the amount and time and money I'm not sure if a dedicated KNX installation wouldn't make more sense.

  26. I love the idea of the desk task light. I’ll have to steal that idea

  27. Yeah, cool smart home etc etc but what is that smoke stick thing, @dandixonus??

  28. $5,000-$6,000 on just light bulbs is insane.

  29. When you are single your home is actually smart…… married men know their smart home is actually dumb

  30. what brand are the small monitors that's being used?

  31. Which Samsung tablet and how were they mounted to the wall?

  32. This feels like a dystopian home of the future where someone has zero contact with the outside world. Maybe a space station AI

  33. So, just lights?

  34. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but how did he make my phone vibrate when he pressed play?!! 😅 5:08

  35. I think this is way too much, a smart home dash should be simpler. this is good only for him if a guest comes in it would be so confusing

  36. Haha…I still have 16 zones of x10😮. Nice work Dan. Would be nice to know the front end he's using.

  37. These definitely feel like going to your friends house who just got the powerglove 😂

  38. this is why Ai is so important that every one can have these automation.. how long it spend to automate that…Ai and Smarthome can maybe the next level

  39. Love these smart home tours. Would be amazing if Dan made the code for his dashboard available in a way that others could also use.

  40. Love the idea of using the Hue outdoor light inside. They can be used with my sync box entertainment group!

  41. thoughts on the new linknlink hub, seems newbie friendly

  42. Love Dans house, great automation ideas, another great video Reed!!!!

  43. This is just sad…

  44. a guide to build a similar dashboard would be nice!

  45. No basic details on the technical setup 😐😔👎👎

  46. Man's paradise and wife's nightmare.

  47. Damn, that has to be the most impressive setup I have seen yet! Nice work, Dan. You should make this into a project!

  48. He must have invested a lot of money and time to customize all these smart gadgets. His dashboard is amazing and I think he may use his programme knowledge and experience to start selling these to help others to set up the dream home.

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