Amazing Products TV It looks like a phone, but has e-ink 😮

Awesome Tips It looks like a phone, but has e-ink 😮


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  1. It looks like a phone but has e ink😍 Would you use something like this?

    This is the Boox Palma and it’s really an e-reader in the form factor of a phone. You can download whatever apps you want on the Google Play store, and most apps work well with no color. That’s because the contrast and refresh rate can be fine tuned with each Android app so you can get it looking exactly how you want.

    Obviously videos are going to struggle and social media won’t be ideal. That’s why I like using the Palma so I can be more productive. It’s also much easier to look at than a traditional screen.

    Yes it has a camera but don’t get your hopes up. It’s more for scanning documents and would not use for actual photography. 😅

    The battery lasts me days and there’s a lot about this device I like. It’s a little expensive at $279 for what it does. But what do you think? Would you use it?

  2. Rabbit R1! When this came out I was really curious to see how it worked with the smart home tech.

  3. This is awesome, I’d use it

  4. But how good is the camera and video?

  5. This is the most pointless thing I think I’ve ever seen

  6. It's more responsive that you expected? Yet you can clearly see the unresponsive screen failing to respond to your touches 😂 it's 2024 and you're pushing a product that looks worse than the original Paperwhite kindle

  7. Is gray scale. A joke to you?

  8. For 275 i think it might be better to just grab a cheap smartphone. The pixle 6a and the moto g are both under $200 and can call 911/999 even if you dont pay for a phone plan.

  9. at that point, just read an ebook on your actual phone

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