Amazing Products TV I added 10 NEW Home Automation Ideas for 2024! (EASY)

Awesome Tips I added 10 NEW Home Automation Ideas for 2024! (EASY)

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These home automation ideas are useful AND easy! Let me show you.

Tempest weather station:
Novostella outdoor lights:
BOND Controller:
Lutron dimmer switch:
Aqara door contact sensor:
Unifi camera:
The Unifi camera needs the system to work so watch my Wired vs Wireless camera video for more info
Aqara treat dispenser (pet feeder):
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My smart home favorites:

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0:00 Intro
0:07 It’s a twister! πŸŒͺ️ 
0:57 Watch your step! πŸ‘Ÿ
2:07 Let the tiny terror sleep 😴
3:01 Smart reboot πŸ”„
3:56 Basketball lights πŸ€
5:56 Fresh air alert πŸ›
6:31 Bribery 🍬
7:19 Watch the sunset πŸŒ…
7:50 Dad mode πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘§β€πŸ‘§
8:36 TV light perfection! 😍
9:41 Another chore dashboard…


Rinse Repeat by DivKid
An Honest Mistake by Nihilore
Spotify playlist:

Ending song is The End by EVA.

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  1. Should I let my daughter beat me in basketball? πŸ€”

  2. Dude. 2800 Euro? Plus monthly subscription fees for basic features?!?!? That's worth mentioning, wouldn't you agree? First time im seeing you push a product like that. Sad.

    Kudos for the TV lights idea though

  3. I Absolutely LOVE your videos and you just crack me up with your sense of humor. spot on!!!

  4. EightSleep looks like a great product but the cost of the hardware and the cost of their subscription is so out of control! That's a massive no for me.

  5. Awesome videos sorry I’m sooo late

  6. iJustine will make bold claims about anything if you pay her enough.

  7. One of my newest automations which I love is to get a notification from Home Assistant with a button that takes me to the relevant shipping list for either the hardware store or supermarket. I used zones in the main local stores that I frequent. It works perfectly.

  8. Is the weather station full local config or using the cloud?

  9. I had an issue with my outdoor ceiling fans on my deck when I first installed them – high winds will destroy them. I was using airport weather until I got the Weatherflow. Also I'm now using the status of the thermostat (heat/cool) and the temperature outside to control the open/close of the cellular window shades. The next upgrade will be to modify the routines to pull the light intensity to determine if it is sunny or cloudy and get that extra tweak of solar radiation on cold sunny days. I turn on a decorative light 15 minutes before sunset – to remind us to check out the sunset.

  10. Hey Reed. I know it's a tough balance, but I'd appreciate a couple more words on how these things were done

  11. where can I find the t-shirt you are wearing? it's super cool

  12. I'm sure Eight Sleep's vibration mode is only engaged during wakeup…

  13. Ur running out of them Paul will beat u

  14. Why are you wasting time with doorbell automation for when the baby is sleeping. When the best solution is a couple of armed ex military posted at the door with a huge sign that says "wake the baby, better run".

  15. I'd be so pissed if I was your neighbor and those lights came on.

  16. Was really enjoying listening to the video while fixing up all my broken automations until that last line brought me straight back to reality! Cut deep! πŸ˜‚

  17. Oh man, I need that chore dashboard for my kid. He'd love using that. That would make a great tutorial for the other channel ; )

  18. Tv light control is a game changer!!!

  19. These are great ideas, is there somewhere I can find these automations so I can either replicate or use them as a springboard for more automations? I love a lot of your ideas I just never get it right and end up frustrated.

  20. That "treat" dispenser made me spit my beer out. Absolutely love it!

  21. How did you trigger the automation where the item goes offline? I would love to use something like that but I don’t know how to tell if something has gone offline or not.

  22. its great to have all this but why not tell everyone how to set them up as well??

  23. Can you post the automation for apple tv play / pause for the lights? Are you doing it in shortcut app based on the condition? And also on the lights if it is night time how can you implement it

  24. Please ask EightSleep to unblock their APIs so we can actually use the data in Home Assistant! Would by an add-on or do whatever to allow local control, but can't stomach a subscription…

  25. How to detect the end of the movie ? I mean the Apple TV is still β€žplayingβ€œ right? How does it report that it shows the credits now?

  26. Lol. Thanks Reed. Let you daughter beat you. (at least once) 😊

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