Amazing Products TV My 17 FAVORITE Home Automations, with or WITHOUT a hub!

Awesome Tips My 17 FAVORITE Home Automations, with or WITHOUT a hub!

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These are my favorite home automation ideas! But can I re-create them with NO hub? Let’s find out…

Treatlife mmWave sensor:
Thread contact sensor:
Meross garage door controller:
Kasa smart outlet:
Homeseer motion sensor:
Pressure sensor under bed:
Aqara FP2:
Theater room vibration sensor:
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0:00 Intro
0:25 Front porch lights
0:57 Presence detection
1:36 Nightly clean
2:05 Backyard lights
2:46 TV controls room
3:10 Garage lights on
3:50 Garage notification
4:48 Bathroom lights
5:23 Away mode
6:01 Naptime
7:02 Travel by map🗺️
8:36 Time of day lights
9:11 Package while away
10:00 Person detected
10:43 Let the baby sleep
11:12 Shower timer
12:01 Smart bulb switch
12:47 Percussive maintenance
13:24 Results
13:40 Snackmobile


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  1. Are you team hub or no hub? 🤨 Hopefully this video sparks some automation ideas, no matter what you use in your smart home!

  2. Need to change the title to My 17 Favourite home automations using Google

  3. Fun idea/question: for the automation that checks if the baby is asleep before blasting the alert, have you tried using your ESPresence sensor to only play the notification in the room you are in instead?

  4. The withings sleep mat works with iftt. So you can use that. It the one automations that speed isn't that important.

  5. What still works out of all the ones presented, without internet connection???

  6. i hate hubs, only use google home. this is google's ecosystem, apple ecosystem is a joke compared to this

  7. As someone who prefers hub based subsystems because they tend to be bulletproof and then just tie all the heavier lifting with Home assistant… this video was complicated….

  8. 12:39 Inovelli is introducing a "White" Matter switch that could probably be paired with Google Home.

  9. I will only use devices that work with home assistant. I'm not interested in other platforms, especially not when they try to send my info into the cloud.

  10. I always love watching your videos. You’re so engaging and knowledgeable, thanks for all the effort you put in to your videos. I wish you posted every day!

  11. Gread vid and great content – How are you managing the chromecast to not turn the light off and then on again each time a hover over trailer starts on netflix or similar?

  12. @SmartHomeSolver
    I am interested to know what smart switch you showcase in 12:01 Smart bulb switch. What automation did you set up? How?
    I understand it requires a hub, but I would still appreciate details.

  13. Can't you use Contact sensor on your Garage doors and change colour if both meet the condition instead Script

  14. What brand of lights do you have in your garage?

  15. Wait, can someone please link me the video where he explained why he switched from Apple Home to Google? Thx.

  16. Thread devices do require a hub. A hub can be simply a google smart speaker like the regular Nest Hub, but you still need at least one. Every other automation can done if you have decent Wi-Fi and a Google account

  17. I like your videos a lot!! I am trying to turn my room into a smart room any ideas?

  18. Looks like you have totally moved away from apple home? Not sure when but I ended up subscribing your channel with one of those apple home related video I believe

  19. How would you go about setting up the dim lights when you pause/play on the google tv? Cant find any routine trigger like that, thanks in advance.

  20. @ 12:01 Smart bulb switch, what was the actual name of that smart bulb switch used?

  21. To be honest…
    Calling the usage of google servers as an advantage? No way for me.
    Everything in my home MUST work without Internet. In particular cases, I'm reading dawn/dusk time from internet of weather forecast.
    But I definitely don't want that any company knows when I'm switching lights or open doors…

  22. no home assistant? unsub

  23. What bed pressure sensor are you using?

  24. What company did you use for the motorized backyard shade? I'm in AZ too lol

  25. Reed been watching your channel for over a year. Learn a lot. Need in having alexa turn on my lights from my google calendar event (using only key words to trigger) 1 hr before the schedule time selected. Any thought from you or following followers. Thanks for you time.

  26. Everytime my wife hears your voice while im watching videos she thinks im going to buy something from Amzon😂.

  27. So, 'no hub needed', but everything is dependent on Google havesting your data and life… brand-specific hub's are annoying, so open standards like ZigBee, Matter, Thread, Wifi etc are the way to go.

  28. how does this treatlife sensor compare to the aqara or even the EP1 (i have both sensors) mm wave sensor? also it looks like an inovelli blue switch in the video, did you see they are coming out with new white switches, curious to how these will be!

  29. Reed, what is the color temperature of your living room lights?

  30. Why use Google as smart home platform? Maybe this could be a video?

  31. I am team hub – in fact I have Three – legacy smart things, Hubitat as my main, and augmented with Home Assistant. My favorite automation is one where Amazon delivers our packages INSIDE our garage with MyQ … it notifies us, locks the access door from the garage to the house if it is open (it is locked if we are gone), unlocks it 10 min after all garage doors are closed AND no presence inside the garage, and records 10min of video from 2 cameras inside the garage while they are delivering.

  32. Toad Wii Remote with Wii Motion Plus Inside

  33. Now best automation and complex on via home assistant 😅

  34. Everyone knows to… " put it in the bin"

  35. The routine for turning lights on and off when ever you pause or play the tv? Anybody, help?

  36. Can you make one for us Alexa peeps 😢

  37. Google,who uses Google, how about a better video showing how to do all this thru Alexa!

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